Why Choose our Authentic Nordic Tipis?

Find out everything you need to know about our Giant Tipis’ heritage, and what makes them an ideal venue for weddings, parties and much more!

Giant Tipi Roots

There is a lot more to the traditional Nordic Tipi by Tentipi than meets the eye… This is a different breed of event tent! The Giant Tipis, also called teepees, stand at an impressive 8m tall and 13m wide. They are the only authentic Nordic Tipi available in the UK, made using ethical timber, one-hundred-year-old Spruce wood, sourced and hand-felled from the forests of Northern Sweden. The de-barked poles have a delightful natural look and don’t require any artificial staining or colouring common in processed timbers. Coupled with revolutionary, weatherproof natural tan canvas, they make up the intrinsic parts of the character of a tipi: an authentic rugged tent built to adapt to any type of weather. Perfect for a wedding or a party in the Great British outdoors!

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Tipi Wedding & Tipi Party

There is nothing quite like a tipi wedding or a tipi party… Imagine yourself in a beautiful English meadow, under a majestic Nordic Tipi surrounded by friends and family, creating memories around the fire pit or dancing under the fairy lights. Dreamy, right?

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Thanks to our Giant Tipis, you can create flexible spaces which will adapt easily to their environment. On a sunny day, raise the sides and enjoy breath-taking views on the countryside; on a winter’s night, take them down for a cosy atmosphere around an open fire. And the best part? Tipi weddings can be a lot cheaper than traditional venues!

Tipis for Corporate Events

Impress your collaborators for your next corporate do and choose a show-stopping backdrop. Tipis offer a different kind of setting and will give your event a unique twist, making it the place to be! We will help you plan and design your space; we do the hard work for you thanks to our great tipi packages and layout design tools.

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Configuring and Setting up your Tipi

With our clever tipi link kits, creating personal interior spaces is a breeze. We can join up any number of tipis to expand floor space to the dimensions and configuration you need, with three linked tipis comfortably accommodating 160 guests seated and up to 200 for the evening. We also offer a tipi extension which can add 28% to your space for a bar or a stage. If you need help choosing the right suppliers, we have a portfolio of trusted friends.

We are experienced event planners and we will help you organise your tipi wedding or tipi party every step of the way. Before your event, our expert team will be on-site to build, light, furnish and heat your tipis as per your requirements to ensure your Big Day goes smoothly.

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Giant Tipi Dimensions

The Giant Tipi is the most versatile Nordic Tipi… pitch it sides down for a normal cosy tipi affair, or raise the sides to create a giant witch’s hat shape, or anything in between the two.  With all the sides up, the maximum Standing capacity is 140 guests and 128 – 96 seated guests. Dimensions when pitched are 13m diameter x 7.4m tall, 132 m sq (433 sq ft).  With the sides down, the maximum Standing capacity is 80 guests and 72 – 54 seated guests. Dimensions when pitched are 10.3m diameter x 7.4m tall, 83 m sq (433 sq ft).

Little Giant Dimensions

The Little Tipi is the baby of the Nordic Tipi bunch and is designed for ease of use. This Little Giant is perfect for a little added extra room to a one Giant Tipi set up, or ideal as an intimate Chill out area for you and your guests to relax during the hustle bustle of your Big Day. The maximum Standing capacity is 50 guests and 40-30 seated guests. Dimensions when pitched are 8.25m diameter x 6.1m tall, 49 m sq (160 sq ft).

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Floor Plans and Layouts

We have mapped out some floor plan examples to help you visualise how our tipis can be linked together. These will give you an idea of the type of space you can design for your tipi wedding or tipi party.

As part of our service, we draw floor plans specifically to your requirements, which will allow you to see how flexible our tipis are. These detailed layouts will give different options to choose from and show you how the furniture is configured inside the space. We will also create alternative layouts for different weather conditions. This means we will have a plan ready no matter the weather!