The joy of winter weddings.

Well it is March 2020 and a very stressful time with the restrictions placed on us all as a result of the Covid-19 virus. This has of course lead to lots of weddings and events being cancelled. Whilst we hope the restrictions will be lifted by the summer it is still of course unknown, some will have postponed to next summer but have you thought about a winter wedding or event?

As many in the outdoor wedding industry will agree this time of year does slow down compared with the summer months as the uncertain English weather can be a potential worry to our newly engaged couples. However I am here to tell you exactly how amazing your outdoor winter wedding could really be.

With your essential checklist to help you ensure that even if the heavens were to open, your wedding reception would go off without a wet bridesmaid in sight. I’m here to share with you lots and lots and lots of great ideas, from the invitation design to the scrumptious food and drinks which will all go together to help the celebrations flow.

So pop the hot chocolate on and let me inspire you…….

Essential Guide

When planning an outdoor winter wedding you need to make sure you have the following covered:

–          Heating to keep all of your guests toasty when they are sitting down to eat. We can include our space heaters that will maintain a nice and warm tipi. These are usually floor based heaters which blow warm air into the tipi. The main body of these heaters is kept outside, so they take up very little room but definitely do the job! Have one of our indoor firepits and one of our authentic outdoor Kadai firebowl to keep warm under the stars.

–          Plenty of outside light to lead you from place to place. In the winter it becomes darker much earlier in the day and you want to make sure you and your guests can move easily from place to place such as the car park and toilets. These can be anything from uplighters, lanterns, festoon walkways or even jars with candles to create a path.

–          Walkway flooring and covering to keep your feet dry and clean. It is worth spending the extra money on plenty of walkway to get you to and from the car park and the toilets and if it is also worth thinking about a covered walkway or maybe plenty of umbrellas so that your guests can stay dry.

–          A large enough structure for all the guests to fit in at once. In the winter make sure you have a larger structure than you would normally, as for most of the wedding celebrations it is likely that all your guests will be inside the tipi or marquee at the same time and you want to make sure it is not too cramped.

–          An enclosed catering tent with flooring and lighting, to make sure you have a happy chef. In the summer it is great to have a hog roast out in the field with a simple gazebo to cover the chef if it rains however in the winter I would definitely hire an enclosed catering tent with flooring and lighting to ensure you caterer can create your delicious wedding breakfast without having to battle with the elements.