How Much Are Tipi Weddings

Hiring a tipi for your special day can truly create a mystical vibe that can transform your whole wedding experience. In this crazy world


One of the main questions we get asked by people enquiring is – “how much are tipi weddings?”


There isn’t just one answer to this question, there are multiple!


However, we’re going to cover as many variations as we can so you can get a good idea of what a Tipi is going to cost you.


What Variables Impact The Price of a Tipi


As you can imagine, there are many variances that can impact the price of a Tipi such as:


  • Size of the party
  • Extra ad-ons
  • Field hire


We’re going to cover each one for you.


Size of The Party 


The size of your wedding is going to take the greatest impact on the price of your tipi. 


We have 4 packages available that cater to parties of varied sizes and we can combine the tipis together to increase the size of the total tipi party.


Our prices start from £790 for our smallest tipi which is our Little Giant Tipi, and this caters for 30 seated people and 40 standing. 


The next step is the One Giant Tipi package which holds 72 seated people and 80 standing priced at £1,350.


You can do choose our Two Giant Tipis package that holds 120 seated and 150 standing priced at £2,700.


Finally, we have our largest package which is our Three Giant Tipis packages priced at £4,050


Tipi Hire Ad-Ons


Most of the people who hire a tipi from us for their wedding want extra ad-ons to customise their wedding to their needs.


We accommodate for us and offer all the extras you could possibly need such as:


  • Dance Floor Package – wood-effect dance floor, LED gig-bar lighting rig and pin spotlights which illuminate the glitter ball



  • Tables and Benches Package – designed and hand-crafted from, rustic reclaimed timber



  • The Top Table Package – a traditional top-table in a stunning bespoke gold-edged, chevron rustic design


  • Oak Crossback Chair Package – classic chairs with a choice of seat cover to add a touch of rustic class


  • Tipi Fireplace Package – create a warm and inviting fireplace for your guests to gather around and toast some marshmallows


  • Staging Package – perfect for live-bands and speeches to make the most of your entertainment


  • The Gold Tipi Bar Package – a hand-crafted bar that is perfect for hanging-out by and we let no wood go to waste 


  • Gold Wire Bar Stools Package – a perfect combination with the tipi bar package, this package includes a pair of stools that have an on-trend industrial look


  • Outdoor Fire Pit Package – light up the night with a campfire in our rustic fire pit


  • Festoon Lighting Package – add that extra touch with special exterior lighting


  • Festoon Walkaway Package – lead the way to the party in style with a 10m woven matting walkway 


  • Catering The Tent Package – keep the food under one tent to cook up something scrumptious


  • Tipi Extension Package – give you and your guests 28% more flooring space 


  • Wooden Oak Barrels Package – decorate your wedding with solid oak reclaimed wine barrels 


  • Rustic Planter Chandelier Package – suspend your planter box with vintage style LED Edison bulbs from the ceiling


Field Hire For Your Tipi


The venue where you have your wedding will make up a large part of the atmosphere you are trying to create. 


Maybe you want a wedding that is sentimental to you or you want a wedding in a unique landscape where you’ve never been to before.


If you have a theme for your wedding then you need to make sure that the venue matches your theme. 


Try out these websites for venue inspiration if you’re looking for ideas:



Here at Big Day Event, we have a picturesque location along with a pretty church you can have your service 


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